Creating E-Learning Games With Unity

"Creating E-Learning Games With Unity" by David Horachek is a very nicely put together book for Unity3D developers who want to further understand the e-learning game market. I like the book because of its wide variety of useful information for Unity devs. This book was like a refresher course on how to design and develop a simple game in Unity3D that would suit the e-learning game market.

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PlayStation Vita Store Vs Nintendo 3DS eShop

I've had the original model of the 3DS for a while and recently invested in a slim model of the PSVita. What I've learned is that both systems have their own quirks which could prove to be major headaches. Below are the biggest headaches I've had with each system's store applications.

Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop system is horrible in my opinion, because it has a very inefficient navigation system and the sales prices on the games are nowhere near as affordable as the physical copies of the games. The eShop also did not have much to offer in terms of indie games.

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Most popular search results to hit

Since I'm in favor of openness and transparency, I feel I should give people an idea of where my site's traffic comes from (for the most part). Below are the top five search queries which result in a page being on the first page of Google (in privacy mode).

  • daikon forge unirpg (7th result, 1542 unique hits in April 2014)
  • list useful unity3d asset store (front page is 5th result, hits unknown)
  • mmog skill tap (2nd result, unknown hits)
  • reset drupal password script php(10th result, 982 hits on May 4th, 2014)
  • josh maines (most of the results of the first 5 Google results pages)
Note: These are not in any particular order. They are also probably outdated search results by the time you read the list. Search results change often, and my ability to track the traffic/results is poor.

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Reset your Drupal password without email.

I deal with Drupal sites often, and one of the most often recurring issues is a forgotten/lost password for the admin account. Sometimes, the site isn't yours, and you simply were told the wrong info to log into the site but you have FTP access. Other times, you simply don't want to go through the hassle of sending yourself an e-mail, clicking a reset link, and editing your password through the profile settings page. There has to be an easier way, right? Righto.

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