About Me

Please read my introduction.

Name: Josh Maines (Alias: Tap)

Favorite websites: Reddit, OpenGameArt, Steam Community, and of course my own blog. 😉

Skills: Programming, 3D architecture modeling, Blender3D rigging, model texturing, video production.

Favorite programming languages: ActionScript 3.0, C, C#, Java.

Languages I don’t like (avoid when possible): C++, Fortran, GraalScript, JavaScript.

Web tools of choice: Drupal, WordPress, and my own creations.

Preferred art tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Blender3D v2.66, Gimp, Paint Tool Sai.

Public Chit-Chat Info

Slashdot: Mindmelder
Twitter: Joshaholism
Google+: JoshMainesArt
Facebook: tapskill

Gaming Contact Info

Steam name: Syrsly (formerly TapSkill)
Xbox Live gamertag: Syrsly (click for pop-up profile window)
Guild Wars 2 characters: Syrsil (mesmer), Fyril (elementalist), Lon Lon Ranch (ranger).

Work Contact Info

I have a LinkedIn.

If you would like to contact me about a job, please use my contact form.  Thanks.