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FJ Ball Flash Game

Flash-powered arcade game made entirely in Adobe Flash CS3 for MochiMedia's arcade services. The game no longer works properly because Mochi closed their doors and I relied on their leaderboard and ad monetization services. I have no intentions of remaking this title. The gameplay was very simple, but the animations were very complex compared to most Flash games of the time. The character is based on a comic version of myself from 2008.
Known issues were probably fixed in a later version, but the version propagating the internet is old. Some known issues include the music steadily increases in volume every time you restart the game, the leaderboards don't work (relied on Mochi), and the only way you could restart was to click a button with the mouse. If I recreated this game now, I would utilize my own leaderboard solution and version control system. I would also implement a button to link to my portfolio for more games. I would not utilize ads for revenue inside the game, but I would look into making a premium version of the game. I would also broaden my audience by making the character more generic and customizable.