Drupal services

Drupal is a great CMS for flexibility. I started with Drupal 6 and continued using Drupal regularly until Drupal 8 was released. I continue to stay informed about the system for legacy support.

I am experienced with Drupal's ecommerce and forum modules as well as many robust web design tools associated with the flexible Drupal framework. When working with Drupal 6, I always utilized the Views module to make sortable tables of data, and that module is now part of the Drupal 7+ core installation. I also followed and helped maintain many image manipulation modules and the achievements module.

Sites I have provided assistance to involving Drupal include CheckVelocity, GetLives, Inspivia, Pat Flynn Music, Pathea, and Wall Street Oasis.

I also support Wordpress, CodeIgnitor, and many other CMSs. If you use a third-party system like those listed or something similar and need help with it in any way, contact me to request a quote. I can work with anything that's documented well enough, and I'm very familiar with how content management systems work if I need to repair one or build one from scratch. My site is its own built-from-scratch CMS.

You can sort my portfolio projects by category, so if you would like to see my web projects, you can easily see them on my portfolio page. My newest projects are labeled "fresh" and are listed at the very top.