Wordpress services

I like Wordpress for what it is: a blogging platform. It provides everything you need for that task and then some. It is also very accessible for the end user. It doesn't require as much know-how for a basic blog setup as Drupal and looks better on the admin side without any customization. Customizing it is very easy thanks to the variety of helpful plug-ins and the automated install/update system. I highly recommend Wordpress for blogs but tend to lean toward Drupal for more complex projects which require more customization. You could have me develop a custom site from scratch, but if all you want is a blog that you can keep up with easily and without much maintenance, Wordpress works well.

Similar content management systems to Wordpress include ModX, Drupal, and Ghost to name a few. I have experience using all these mentioned systems and some others. I most enjoy working with Drupal or my own systems. I also enjoyed exploring the possibilities of ModX, but most of my clients who demo ModX tend to stray away from its admin tools and want something more easily navigated. Ghost runs off server-side JavaScript rather than PHP, so it's a little more difficult to set up on shared hosting, but it's pretty cool, too.

I also support MODX, Drupal, CodeIgniter, and many other CMSs. If you use a third-party system like those listed or something similar and need help with it in any way, request a quote. I can work with anything that's documented well, and I'm very familiar with how content management systems work if I need to repair one or build one from scratch or just convert data from one to another.